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This is the map of the out-posts of the Chicken Empire.

These are the main bases are as follows:

  • CEX Atlantic

This is the Atlantic base of the Chicken Empire. This is where the main bulk of the population lives.

  • CEX Pacific

This island chain is located in the centre of the Pacific Ocean. This is the biggest group of islands under the control of Lord Cluckingsworth.

  • Rhinestone Island

The biggest tourist attraction of the Chicken Empire and is just one simple tourist island. The island contains a casino island, beach and countryside.

  • CEX Russia (Kotujj)

This is the biggest foreign outpost of the Empire. The base is mostly military.

The outposts of the Chicken Empire are in the following places:

  • Yellowknife

The closest base to the American mainland and is home to multiple squadrons and fleets of VTOL.

  • Pyongyang

Our diplomatic base in our second closest ally.

  • CEX Australia

Due to the large amount of empty space in Australia we have constructed an anti-Australian animal fort where we can train soldiers for the attack on Area 51 and store large amounts of planes and VTOLs.

  • Hungary

A small out-post to serve as our diplomatic communication to our closest European ally and our only ally in the EU (tut, tut England)

  • Kuala Lumper

Our base in Kuala Lumper (Muddy River) is located in the lesser known third tower which measures 88 floors underground rather than above ground. This base is used as a staging post for our Pandas and the migration stop for some of our birds.

  • Artic Base

The artic is the perfect place for freezing water and extracting the hydrogen that supplies are entire nation.

  • South Pole Base

The South Pole is a scientific outpost and a good place for secret underground bases.

  • England

Although not in the EU, England is a strong and powerful ally. In return for their diplomatic support we would supply defence forces if any nation were to attack them.

  • Angus

Angus is the main Research and Development base for the Chicken Empire and is located in the county of Angus, Scotland. The base is a large dome.

  • Vladivostok

The San Francisco of Russia is a favourite tourist destination for the citizens of CEX and a good base for CEX.

  • Klyuchi

This base is very close to America and is very remote so perfect for storing weapons of not mass destruction – we are humane not like America.

  • HIVE

The top secret base that we definitely did not mark it on the map because we forgot where it was!? HIVE stands for The Huge Institute of the Victorious Empire.

  • Madagascar

This is the perfect post WW3 bunker for the Chicken Empire because of its isolated position and the epic defence of flying penguins – they are a great inspiration for those hopeful chickens.

  • Rogy (Chile)

This is the industrial central hub of the Chicken Empire. From here the materials are shipped by ship or plane to the various bases of the Empire.

  • Ascension

The Ascension islands are the Chicken Empire’s Panama. This is where we can become number 1 in the country in anything we want. We were gifted this by England after becoming allies.

  • Sri Lanka

This is where the 12 yearly meeting of the Empire is held. All the animals come together and have a meeting.

  • Dakar

This is where da cars of the Empire are made (pardon the pun) and these cars are on the frontline of innovation being powered by hydrogen and vodka.

  • Cuba

We have our secret missile base in Cuba and the relief aid is being coordinated from here as Cuba enters 9 years of national morning.

  • Perth

This is where the Chicken Empire exports and imports things for the factory in the centre of Australia. We are based in the large opera house and have a large dock here.

  • Micronesia

It is like Indonesia but small. This is where very rich chickens own their luxury condos.

  • Lake Victoria

This is where our missile base is. The missiles come out the middle (we make sure they do not destroy any giraffes on the way.)

There is an embassy in:

  • Djibouti
  • China
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